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Iron ore crusher is the crushing plant to resize and pulverize iron ore into mm size particles. As almost all of the iron ore that is mined is used for making steel and the raw iron itself is not hard, DSMAC iron ore crusher meet the requirements of iron ore sand making with high capacity and long service time.

DSMAC holds a leading position in crushing equipment technology with thousands of crushers installed since the inception of the DSMAC.

There are cone crusher, jaw crusher, sand making machine (VSI crusher) for iron ore crushing plant. The list of iron ore crushers have been operating successfully in some of the world’s harshest conditions for decades. This long operating life can be attributed to the robust design that DSMAC still utilizes to this day.

Speacial for cone crusher for iron ore
Efficient hydraulic cone crusher to overcome many challenges for the iron ore crushing effect is obvious. The upper and lower hydraulic cone crusher shaft supported at both ends, can withstand the crushing force of iron ore and greater stroke, coupled with the special lamination theory crushing chamber adapted to form, so that a higher hard iron ore crusher broken efficiency of the device into class, will be broken stroke, broken from speed and crushing chamber together, producing iron ore.

To overcome the traditional hydraulic cone crusher output and 'finess' of the conflict, using a variety of fine crushing chamber replace the line and the broken pyramid principle, making the finished cube crushing significantly higher proportion of needle stone flake reduced the average grain size is more, but production is not chaotic, completely content with producing requirements.
Iron ore crusher plant manufacturer and supplier

DSMAC have professional production workshop and technical research laboratory, the products have the strict quality standard of leave factory, DSMAC produce stone crushing machinery, sand making machine, feeder, screening machine and other related equipment, the price of Iron ore crusher reasonable, and they have strict quality assurance.

DSMAC is able to provide users with perfect after-sales services, such as production process, equipment selection, the problem of installation and use; our machines use the high quality equipment spare parts and related accessories to ensure the Iron ore crusher has a good cost performance. DSMAC jaw crusher has exported to many countries including: India, Vietnam, Philippines, Tanzania, Canada, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan,Pakistan, Ghana, Jamaica, Australia, Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malawi, Gambia,Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, etc.

Friendly reminder: The configuration of crushing plant/line is for reference only, while there is difference in reality.

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