Augusta Fiberglass (AFC)

Custom fabricated process vessel for the pulp & paper industry - Pulp & Paper

We designed, engineered, and fabricated this process vessel for use within an FRP scrubber, in a pollution control/waste elimination system. The vessel had to meet specific gravity specifications and be able to sustain pressures of 20″ WC, 100 mph wind loads, as well as seismic zone requirements. Integration into the FRP scrubber system called for the installation of 12 individual flanged nozzles, air inlet and outlet flanges, 6 side and top bolted manways, header clips, and much more. In addition, to strengthen the unit we also added bottom and shell stiffeners, as well as a number of other components required for connection into the FRP system.

The vessel featured an inside diameter of 11′, with a length of 28′-4″, and was constructed in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Composed of a Hetron 922 vinylester with a Nexus veil, the vessel featured 2″ thick Polyisocynurate insulation for the lower 4′ of the shell. The customer was supplied with all related documentation including CoCs, installation certifications, and all QC and testing documentation. For more information on this custom manufactured process vessel, see the table below or contact us directly.