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Dairy, Food & Beverage LIMS Services - Food and Beverage

Benefits: Adhere to compliance guidelines, improve efficiency and profitability. Analyse hazards, manage critical control points in production. Improve scheduling and planning of testing through automation. It has never been more critical to maintain quality standards and safety guidelines than in the modern food and beverages industry. With so many possibilities for incidents of food contamination, compliance with strict regulations is controlled demanded more now than ever.

Food and beverage companies operate a global supply chain of ingredient and products for differing markets, with global resources suffering from economic and environmental impacts alike, with the globalisation of food sourcing comes a greater need for quality control and cost efficiency.

Given this like many other manufacturing markets food companies have come to understand the need for controlling and automating the production, shipping and storage process of foods and raw ingredients. Food laboratories now rely on LIMS to manage the data coming in and out, while providing full traceability and integrity of production data for anything that may end up in the consumer food market.

Autoscribe’s Food and Beverage LIMS is designed to assist in the control and monitoring of food manufacturing processes, this ensures traceability and safety also controlling and managing costs.  LIMS are a critical component for any food and beverage manufacturer's quality management system, ensuring compliance with strict food industry standards and regulations.