Osmoflo Pty Ltd.

Desalination and water treatment solutions for oil & gas industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries

A well established track record of safe and reliable performance, is a key requirement for any company operating in the oil and gas industry. Osmoflo`s adherence to the highest standards in these areas in design, construction, installation and operation has made it a preferred supplier to many of the leading companies in this field. Invariably oil and gas operations are in remote locations where extreme weather conditions prevail. Osmoflo has a long established track record in providing and supporting the right equipment that guarantees reliability of water supplies for drinking and process requirements. PlantConnect, Osmoflo`s proprietary plant control and monitoring system linked to our 24 hour Operations Control Centre, helps ensure efficient, reliable performance regardless of location.

Water treatment applications for the Oil & Gas industry include:

  • desalination of water for drinking and general use
  • purified water for process applications
  • demineralisation of water for boiler feed quality and high purity water for gas turbines
  • treatment of process water for reuse or release back into the environment

Osmoflo also has extensive experience in the development of world leading solutions for beneficial use of the wastewater and salt by-products from Coal Seam Gas(CSG) extraction.