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Desulfurization on-line continuous monitoring solution - Monitoring and Testing

SO2 is one of several important pollutants in the atmosphere, SO2 from the atmosphere can stimulate people`s respiratory tract, abate respiratory function, and lead to respiratory resistance decreased, induce various inflammation of respiratory tract, harm to human health. SO2 also is harm to many plants. SO2 and its generated sulfuric acid mist can corrode metal surfaces and cause damage to paper products, textiles, leather products. It may also form acid rain, which is serious harm to the ecological system and agriculture, forest, aquatic resources.

In view of the electric power industry, newly constructed coal-fired units should synchronize with construction of desulfurization denitration facilities, coal-fired units in active service which not installed desulfurization facilities should speed up the elimination or construct desulfurization facilities. New built sintering machine of Iron and steel industry should form a complete set of desulfurization denitration facilities, new coal boiler should install the desulfurization denitration facilities, the existing coal-fired boiler should carry out flue gas desulfurization, and further strengthen SO2 and nitrogen oxides governance of cement, petroleum and petrochemical, coal chemical industry, etc

CEMS - 2001 series use ultraviolet difference technology to analyze NO, NO2 and SO2, use zirconium oxide method /electrochemical process to measure O2, use laser back scattering method to measure dust. Temperature, pressure flow integrated machine respectively uses pressure sensors, temperature sensors and pitot tube method. For condensation method can increase the CO/CO2 module.

All core device and algorithm are independently researched and developed, including the light source, spectrometer, gas chamber, humidity module, the dust meter, the DOAS algorithm. System has strong market competitiveness.

Ultraviolet absorption spectrum gas analysis technology and chemometrics algorithms are now the most advanced online analytical method to measure SO2, NOx. Compared with the NDIR, it has the features of low detect limit, small temperature drift, measurement precision without influence of water and dust completely (gas phase has no absorption in ultraviolet, liquid water and dust has no selectivity to absorb ultraviolet light, which belongs to the gradual change of spectrum).