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Determination of total mercury content in blood by cvaas - Health Care


Blood is one of the most complex substances for determination of the Hg content. At the same time, blood is the most important diagnostic medium used for monitoring the effect of Hg vapor on the human organism. In almost all the countries, personnel of mercury-involving production facilities are regularly examined for the Hg content in blood, which should not exceed 20–50 µg/l, whereas in the case of a person unexposed to mercury vapor the blood normally contains 1–3 µg/l of Hg.

Determination of the Hg content in blood involves microwave digestion of the sample and reducing Hg cations in the digested sample by a SnCl2 solution in a bubbler of the RP-92 attachment (“cold vapor” method), followed by the AAS determination of atomic mercury in the multipath cell of a RA915M mercury analyzer.