Dewatering and water purification for plastic recycling industry

The preparation of plastic waste is an important process both for protection of raw materials as well as for reduction of waste. In this context, BELLMER KUFFERATH systems can be applied for all kinds of operations containing wet preparation processes.

With AKUPRESS AS the crushed and washed film flakes can be dewatered to a final humidity of 5 - 15% - dependent on cleanliness, type and thickness of the film. The low final humidity reduces drying costs and often allows for direct extrusion.    

Rejects sludge dewatering    

Dewatering of rejects / sludges contained in sortation/washing processes   

  • Pre-thickening through AKSE disc thickener
  • Dewatering to a dryness of 50 - 70% through AKUPRESS A/AS or AKUPRESS BX screw presses
  • Sand separation through AKUSAND