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Dewatering applications for screw presses in pulp and paper mills - Water and Wastewater

Stock Thickening: Between Primary and Secondary Refining Stage. Between Secondary and Tertiary Refining Stage. In Front on High-Density Stock Chest. In Front of Dispersion Systems in Recycle Mills. Pulp Washing for Pine Tar and Chemical Removal.

Rejects Dewatering:

  1. Course Rejects: Wet Strength, Plastic, Tertiary
  2. Fine Rejects: Forward & Reverse Cleaners
  3. Knots & Shives

Sludge Dewatering:

  1. Primary Clarifier Underflow
  2. DAF Sludge
  3. Mixed Primary & Secondary Sludge

Pulp & Paper Applications:

  • Rejects
  • Sludge
  • Stock Thickening

Municipal Applications:

  • Grit Dewatering