Air purification & filtration solutions for the disaster and epidemic response industry - Health and Safety - Indoor Air

Anywhere there is a large gathering of people, respiratory infections can be acquired due to exposure to airborne pathogenic microorganisms. To help prevent the spread of diseases the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that potential problem areas be isolated and the air purified by portable, HEPA air filtration equipment. OmniAire and OmniAire PAC portable HEPA air filtration machines provide a clean air supply necessary to protect the public in gathering areas such as schools, emergency shelters or temporary healthcare facilities.


To comply with CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of disease and contamination of sensitive areas, OmniAire HEPA air filtration machines are commonly used to:

  • Create a negative air pressure in isolation containment
  • Supply purified air for required air changes (ACH)
  • Sanitize airflow in operating and patient’s rooms
  • Purify air in waiting rooms and public areas
  • Prevent contamination in compounding pharmacies


Studies show that the combination of a negative pressure containment with HEPA air filtration and UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is the most effective method to capture and destroy bio-contaminants (bacteria and viruses) that spread diseases such as pandemic flu, avian flu, tuberculosis, aspergillosis, ebola fever, marburg hemorrhagic fever, lassa fever, and other biological threats.

Portable air purification equipment such as the OmniAire PAC utilizes UVGI lights and an optional PEROx hydro-peroxide purifier to kill and deactivate airborne pathogens and bio-contaminants. When required, an optional module containing hydro-peroxide purifiers will more thoroughly sanitize and decontaminate the air and surrounding surfaces.

These units are best used in isolation/operating rooms, healthcare facilities, compounding pharmacies and other highly sensitive areas. The HEPA purified, filtered air can be safely exhausted into an occupied area or ducted to the outside.

Both the OmniAire and OmniAire PAC models come in several air flow capacities. To assist you in finding the proper CFM requirements and selection of equipment, please go to our Air Flow Calculator .