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Drinking water solutions for the coagulation optimization - Water and Wastewater - Drinking Water

Problem: Drinking water plants that use surface water or ground water under the influence of surface water are susceptible to high levels of organic matter in the raw water. Reduction of organic matter through coagulation/sedimentation and filtration is important to lower the potential for disinfection by-product formation (DBP) and limit operational problems. In addition, organics in water consume the polymers used for the coagulation process, which reduces the efficiency of the treatment. Therefore, optimization of the polymer dosing heavily depends on the concentration of organics.

Monitoring organics in real-time allows chemical dose to be controlled in response to current water quality conditions, minimizing the frequency of under or overdosing events.

  • Optimize alum or PAC dosing
  • Reduce chemical usage and costs
  • Decrease sludge production and sludge disposal costs
  • Limit potential for formation of DBPs
  • Improve water quality