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Drinking water solutions for the nitrate monitoring - Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing

Problem: Nitrate, the most stable form of nitrogen in water, is found in both ground and surface water and originates from both natural and anthropogenic sources. Due to its high solubility in water, nitrate is not filtered out from groundwater like other contaminants. Removing nitrates from source water is important as elevated levels in drinking water can cause serious health effects when ingested.

Monitoring nitrates in real-time provides a means to optimize blending ratios to lower the nitrate concentration for applications where multiple sources of water are used. Continuous monitoring also allows for ion exchange and reverse osmosis technologies to be monitored for nitrate removal efficiency and treated water quality assurance.

  • Optimize blending of multiple source waters
  • Monitor efficiency of ion exchange and reverse osmosis technologies
  • Assure quality of treated water