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Drinking water solutions for the source water monitoring/ protection - Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing

Problem: A challenging aspect of drinking water treatment is often predicting or monitoring the changes that occur with incoming water quality. Seasonality, weather events, agricultural practices or upstream discharges can influence the quality of both ground and surface water over time. With multiple variables impacting source waters, monitoring historical trends may not be sufficient to predict raw water changes or detect uncharacteristic events.

Monitoring source water in real-time, whether with a single parameter or a multi-sensor platform, provides immediate detection of change and the ability to adjust treatment processes in a timely manner to avoid operational problems and ensure quality of the treated water is maintained.

  • Immediate notification of change
  • Capture uncharacteristic events
  • Protect treatment plant from accidental spills
  • Timely adjustments to treatment process
  • Limit operational problems
  • Improve treated water quality