E-scrap processing & shredding - Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling

SSI manufactures shredders and automated systems to efficiently process all varieties of electronic scrap for recycling, reclamation and recovery. Since 1980, SSI has designed and implemented effective electronic scrap (e-scrap) processing solutions worldwide. With capacities from 2 - 15 tons per hour, many of the world`s largest e-scrap processing facilities employ `automated material recovery systems` from SSI, to extract marketable materials.


E-Scrap Materials & Solutions

  • Commercial E-Scrap (Network Servers, Printers, Computer Mainframes, Digital Copy Machines, etc.)
  • Consumer E-Scrap (PCs, Home Audio Equipment, Desktop Printers, Televisions, Mobile Phones, etc.)
  • Hard-drives and PWBs
  • Product and Security Destruction
  • Size Reduction
  • Material Liberation and Separation
  • Precious Metal Recovery

Multiple Product Lines

  • Fully integrated material recovery systems for automated e-scrap processing
  • Primary shredders for commercial e-scrap processing
  • Purpose-built shredders for hard-drives and printed wire boards
  • Sizing shredders to prepare pre-shredded commercial scrap and whole consumer grade scrap (PCs, home audio equipment, desktop printers, etc.) for introduction into automated material recovery systems


Automated Recovery Systems process either whole consumer grade e-scrap (desktop items, PCs, etc.) or consumer and commercial grade e-scrap (almost anything with a plug on it) with little or no disassembly and then separate output streams into marketable material fractions.

The 'heart' of these systems, the Primary Sizing System and the Eddy Current System typically remain the same. However, the Primary Shredding System, the Pre-Sort System, the Non-Metallic Sorting System and the Metal Refinement System tend to change based on customer needs. Configuration criteria generally are: Volume and Mix of Material, Market Conditions, Location, Cost of Labor and Capital Cost of Equipment. (Please see diagram at right)