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e-scrap recycling System - Metal - Metal Recycling

PCB Boards and E-scrap Recycling Plant 3.Why buy MINGXIN's E waste(PCB) Recycling plant ? Get the metal separated from waste circuit board through crushing and air separation process. No incineration and pollution. compliance with EHS standard, no harmfulness to workers, eco-friendly solution for E waste recycling. The plant has 5 advantages: A. The coarse crush can grind baseplate and separate electronic component.. B. National Environment Protection Standard achieved. No dust leak and no secondary pollution . C. Low energy consumption but high production. D. High metal recovery rate which reaches 97%-99%. Metal content in on-metal powder is less than 1%. E. Patent number: ZL02247015.8

1.5 Iron recovery rate (weight): 99%

1.6 Copper recovery rate (weight): 95%

1.7 Epoxy resin recovery rate (weight): 95%

1.8 Noise, dust leakage and exhaust emission meet the national relevant standard and requirements.

1.9 Site requirements: Length is above 7m, width is above 5m, height is above 5m; Load weight is above 10 t.

1.10 Equipments appearance and color: Manufacturer standard.