ClearWater Tech LLC

EcoTex laundry systems for Hospitals - Health Care

Hospital laundries process thousands of pounds of contaminated laundry every day. On the average, this equates to some 3.2 million pounds a year of linens, gowns, bed clothing, pads, mops, and washing cloths. Not only is soil removal a concern, so is disinfection. But with an EcoTex System, hospitals can remove soils while achieving a 99.999% bacterial kill. Cold water washing eradicates C.diff, Aspergillus Niger, and MRSA, while eliminating up to 90 percent of the hot water you’re now using. The EcoTex system is soft on fabrics for extended linen life. It is UL, cUL and CE certified and guaranteed for long-lasting performance. All while saving you a staggering amount on rising electricity, gas and water costs.

  • Proven monthly savings
  • Reduced wash & dry time
  • Less detergent needed
  • Quality & life of textiles are improved
  • Reduce chemical usage
  • Complete sanitation
  • Reduces total environmental impact
  • Reduce effluent waste water
  • Energy rebates available in some states