Efficiency measurement and ex-proof GPRS data transmission - Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

Application: Concrete pipe DN 1200. Part filled. Levels temporarily tending to zero. No power supply available. Ex Zone 1.

  • Temporary Installation of a flow measurement system to investigate precipitation discharge and 
  • channel capacity utilisation
  • Reliable detection of lowest levels during the night
  • Automatic data transmission and error messages/remote maintenance via GPRS

  • The portable flow measurement system PCM Pro with an Ex-proof GPRS data logger Type NivuLog Ex have been used.
  • The built-in pressure measurement cell of the flow velocity sensor allows to detect the channel overflow.
  • Using an additional air-ultrasonic sensor (LUS) ensures reliable measuring of even lowest discharge during the night.
  • Highly efficient data compression as well as the particular transmission behaviour guarantee reliable data transmission despite mas­sive channel walls and metal manhole covers.
  • The NIVUS 'Device to Web' data portal allows direct access to the measurement system as well as to the connected sensors.