EH&S Regulatory Compliance Management for Chemicals, Food Contact & Cosmetics Industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

For manufacturers of chemicals – which can be broadly defined as anything from specialty chemicals to lubricants, plastics and food contact to cosmetics and more - changing market dynamics dictate the need for flexibility in meeting customers` complex requirements for high performance sustainable products and improving supply chain performance. Delivering quality products in record time is critical, as are optimizing business processes across your enterprise and global supply chain.

Meeting these objectives is no easy task given an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. As legislation and the needs of upstream customers constantly evolve and regulatory drivers expand to include areas of social responsibility and sustainability issues, it becomes exponentially more difficult to ensure EH&S and supply chain compliance.

3E Company has an extensive history of leadership in serving the needs of the chemical market. We are proud to boast that eight of the world's top 10 chemical manufacturers are long-time customers.

3E® provides a central source of comprehensive, accurate compliance content solutions and services that can be easily managed and integrated into a manufacturer's business processes. The results are increased levels of compliance, reduced risk and liability, and improved performance.