Chemdoc Water Technologies

Chemdoc Water Technologies

Energy efficiency for boiler steam production with reverse osmosis - Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation

Listening and understanding your needs, proposing improvements, reasoning in Total Cost of Ownership, 20 years of experience have demonstrated the relevance of our proposals and our technical choices. Continuous improvement, reduced consumption and your costs guide our technological choices.

nnovation to meet your goals

  • reduce costs and simplify operations,
  • secure your process and ensure continuous availability (8760h per year),
  • avoid storing hazardous products (safety),
  • save water and energy and reduce the use of chemicals (reduce environmental impact),
  • use less space;

We ensure a constant regulatory watch and participate in various standardization commissions in the field of membranes, legionella risk, industrial re-use, in order to anticipate the regulations that will affect our customers.

We participate in research programs with the French University Research Center to improve our processes by integrating the most advanced and reliable technologies.

We provide on-site pilot testing programs for all our innovations before they are commercialized.

We use the best components, pumps, valves, PLCs, in order to guarantee the quality at the highest standards. Every components of our equipements are Made in France or Made in Europe