Enterprise resources planning for the waste & recycling industry - Waste and Recycling

THE CHALLENGE: NOT ONLY DISPOSAL, BUT ALSO PROCESSING. The waste management and recycling industry consists of companies acting as waste collection and landfill operators, processers (sorters, waste treatment specialists, shredders and recyclers) or traders in secondary raw materials.

The aim of the waste management industry is clearly defined nowadays: Not just proper waste disposal but also the comprehensive processing of waste so that a large part of this can be reused for production purposes as secondary raw materials. Only the non-recyclable fractions of waste that has already been processed may end up at a landfill site. 

Therefore, well-organized logistical processes, a customer-oriented mindset, and specialist knowledge are of key importance all the time. The clear mapping of complex processes and their simplification are the keys to higher earnings and competitive advantages for our customers.

Our experts have gained industry experience in the course of numerous customer projects and it is exactly this experience which we are now integrating into our industry solution in order to offer our customers outstanding value added.