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Environmental monitoring solution for aluminium industry - Metal - Aluminium

Measurement of particulates, SO2, NOx, fluorides and greenhouse gas emissions from the aluminium industry requires careful selection of instrumentation. Ecotech offers a complete monitoring solution tailored to this industry.

The production of aluminium takes in three main processes, bauxite mining, refining of bauxite into alumina and finally the electrolytic reduction of alumina into aluminium. Each process has its own set of environmental issues.

Bauxite Mining can have significant particulate/dust emissions due to the extraction process that involves explosives and the transporting of raw materials to the smelter.

Bauxite refining (Bayer Process) requires significant amounts of water and energy to separate the alumina from bauxite. producing gaseous emissions that include particulates, SO2 and NOx.

Aluminium refining (Hall Heroult Process) uses sodium aluminium fluoride(cryolite) and an electric current to electrolyse alumina to aluminium. The process is energy intensive. Emissions include fluorides and particulates. SO2, NOx and CO are also generated by the power stations used to supply the refinery with electricity.

Global warming is of special interest to the aluminium industry as approximately 14 MWhr/tonne is required for the aluminium refining process resulting in associated high levels of CO2 greenhouse emissions.

Ecotech is able to offer a complete monitoring solution for both emissions monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring fully integrated with our data evaluation and reporting software to meet the monitoring requirements of the aluminium industry. Ecotech is a preferred provider of environmental monitoring technology to both Alcoa and Rio Tinto.

Products and systems of interest include:

Ambient Air Quality Systems
Ambient air quality is of concern due to emissions of NOx, SO2, fluorides and particulates. Regulatory authorities usually insist that these parameters are continuously measured.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
Ecotech is able to offer a complete monitoring solution for emissions monitoring to meet all compliance requirements. Ecotech is also able to offer CO2 monitoring systems that can be used to assist you in meeting legislative requirements for carbon trading schemes.

Particulate Samplers
Suitable for the monitoring of TSP, PM10 and PM2.5 in ambient air

Particulate Monitors
Suitable for the continuous monitoring of PM around bauxite mining activities.

Meteorological Systems
Suitable for monitoring of meteorological conditions in order to determine direction of air emissions