Ecotech - 	ACOEM Group

Environmental monitoring solution for glass manufacturing areas

Heavy metals, particulates, SO2 & NOx are the main emissions from the glass manufacturing industry and their measurement requires careful selection of instrumentation. Ecotech offers a complete monitoring solution tailored to this industry.

The continuous regenerative type furnace is one of the most common furnace used for manufacturing glass. The molten glass is refined and is then pressed, blown, drawn, rolled or floated, depending on the final product. The most common fuels include natural gas, light and heavy fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gas.

Silica sand and materials such as lime, dolomite, soda, and cullet (broken glass) are used to manufacture glass with the main emissions resulting from the combustion process. However the manufacture of technical glass requires lead oxide, potash, zinc oxide and other metal oxides, as well as refining agents such as arsenic trioxide, antimony oxide, nitrates, and sulfates. Emissions from this process may result in the emission of particulates, heavy metals and increased SO2 and NOx concentrations.

Ecotech is able to offer a complete monitoring solution for both emissions monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring fully integrated with our data evaluation and reporting software to meet the monitoring requirements of the glass industry.

Products and systems of interest include:

Ambient Air Quality Systems
Suitable for the monitoring of SO2, NO,NO2 and PM in ambient air

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
Suitable for the monitoring of SO2, NO, NO2 and PM in emissions

Particulate Samplers
Suitable for the monitoring of PM10, PM2.5, lead and other heavy metals in ambient air

Particulate Monitors
Suitable for the continuous monitoring of PM around glass plants

Meteorological Systems
Suitable for monitoring of wind speed and direction in order to determine direction of air emissions