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Environmental monitoring solution for mining industry - Mining

Control of fugitive dust in the mining industry and in particular open cut operations is of great concern to the local community, environmental protection authorities and of course the mine operators. Dust emissions can cause both nuisance effects as well as health effects and so mines typically employ multiple dust suppression activities to minimise their environmental impact. Many of these activities can be expensive to operate and depending on environmental conditions, at the time, may not actually be effective or necessary.

Ecotech has over 30 years experience working with the mining industry and has implemented a variety of solutions to monitor dust and gas emission in ambient and source applications. Ecotech can provide the total monitoring package, from equipment, commissioning, maintenance and servicing. We can also provide data evaluation and reporting software that enables the operator to best determine the appropriate dust suppression activities for any given environmental conditions. Ecotech has systems installed with mining companies that include BHP, Rio Tinto, Alcoa to name just a few.

These programs are based around the four following monitoring activities:

  • Fence line monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Early warning dust monitoring systems
  • Emissions monitoring

Fenceline monitoring allows mine operators to monitor dust and gas emissions, but more importantly it allows them to pinpoint the sources of this pollution and reduce its impact on surrounding areas.

Fence-line monitoring includes:

  • Wind speed and direction sensors
  • Real-time dust and gas monitoring linked to wind sensors
  • Powerful software that maps pollution concentrations, direction and distance (to source)
  • Station data integration allows data from multiple locations to be combined, processed and presented in easy to understand reports.

Ecotech delivers fully integrated systems that work from solar or mains power and can be accessed remotely via GSM, 3G, Sattelite or radio modems.

Features include:

  • Stand alone low maintenance equipment
  • Remote access to data and instrument control
  • Eco-friendly solar power
  • Real-time dust data

Ecotech's integrated early warning dust systems allow the instantaneous monitoring of dust concentrations and provides for the immediate reaction to exceedences. These systems can be coupled with a number of remediation programs such as dust suppression or community announcements.

Features include:

  • Instantaneous data logging and alarm generation
  • Integration with dust suppression systems
  • Low power, rugged, remote monitoring devices
  • Conditional wind speed/direction monitoring
  • Site contribution monitoring