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Environmental monitoring solution for sulfuric acid plants - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

Measurement of SO2, sulfuric acid mist and greenhouse gas emissions from sulfuric acid plants requires careful selection of instrumentation. Ecotech offers a complete monitoring solution tailored to this industry.

The most important environmental issues facing the sulfuric acid manufacturing industry are atmospheric releases of SO2 and sulfuric acid mist. The principal source of pollutants are from the burning of sulfuric acid sludge, which creates SO2. Most of the SO2 made in a sulfuric acid plant is converted to sulfuric acid and recovered, but a portion of the chemical is emitted to the atmosphere.

The monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions will also become important as countries introduce carbon trading schemes and other measures to combat global warming.

Ecotech is able to offer a complete monitoring solution for both emissions monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring fully integrated with our data evaluation and reporting software to meet the monitoring requirements of the sulfuric acid production industry.

Products and systems of interest include:

Ambient Air Quality Systems
Ambient air quality is of concern due to emissions of SO2 and therefore regulatory authorities often insist on ambient air quality monitoring of these parameters.

SO2 Air Quality Analyzers
Ambient air quality of SO2 around sulfuric acid plants is often regulated by environmental protection authorities.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
Ecotech is able to offer a complete monitoring solution for emissions monitoring to meet all of your compliance requirements. Ecotech is also able to offer CO2 monitoring systems that can be used to assist you in meeting legislative requirements for carbon trading schemes.

Rainwater Samplers
Suitable for the sampling of acid rain.

Meteorological Systems
Suitable for monitoring of meteorological conditions in order to determine direction of air emissions