VisionMonitor Software, LLC

Environmental Solutions for Airlines - Aerospace & Air Transport

Governments the world over are now working on regulations that will require Airlines to monitor and manage their GHG emissions. The UK is leading this effort with requirements for 2010 - 2012, and other countries are soon to follow. Implementation of GHGWARE and the VisionMonitor Real-Time Environmental Performance Suite allows proactive GHG emissions and compliance data management in real-time as well as predictive modeling tools for planning of future regulatory compliance.

The VisionMonitor solutions provide a company with the processes and tools to collect, cleanse and organize data. The users are able to analyze important information, to make informed decisions and to share valuable information with stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

VisionMonitor has developed a robust and flexible core technology organized as a suite of software modules that can operate independently or be implemented as a software solutions suite. The software solutions are 100% web-based developed on the Microsoft .NET platform and can easily be implemented and integrated into the client’s IT environment.

VisionMonitor's Airline Industry Solutions

  • Automates the scheduling and tracking of environmental and compliance activities as well as reporting requirements
  • Built-in data calculation engine provides required formulas for emissions and operations calculations
  • Easily makes information available for the analysis of the company’s environmental performance
  • Alert mechanisms warn various users in the system allowing prevention of potential issues and provides workflow processes for managing environmental events