Environmental solutions for the drying and curing sector - Manufacturing, Other

In the industrial sector, drying and curing technologies from Dürr MEGTEC have been deployed in roll-to-roll processing applications for advanced battery materials, coatings of various types, composites, solar films, membranes, flexible packaging, coil coating, converting, printing, electronics, nonwovens, and other industries. Our patented flotation air bar systems transport webs contact-free without web shift, which helps ensure product quality. Capable of handling webs at a wide range of speeds and widths, MEGTEC flotation dryers float and dry webs of substrates ranging from the thinnest film, foil, paper, and other flexible and advanced materials, to heavy metal.

In the web offset and digital printing markets, Dürr MEGTEC is synonymous with the development of patented drying solutions and the integration of dryers and oxidation systems. The result is optimum printing performance, minimized energy and waste costs, all while meeting the strictest environmental requirements.
Our dryers can be built in horizontal, vertical, or arched configurations depending on the specific product and space requirements. Each system incorporates energy-saving features, easy threading, and easy maintenance access. Separate web drying and air handling modules accommodate the most basic design to nearly an unlimited number of configurations with regard to web width, zone configurations, and machine layout.
Designs can include different types of heat sources, zone lengths, web widths, and nozzle configurations, while providing superior drying, curing and web handling. High-efficiency heat sources and advanced air flow management conserve energy to minimize operating costs. Whether the application operates with gas, thermal oil, steam or electricity, Dürr MEGTEC has a heating system designed for these requirements.

Our extensive drying and curing experience for roll-to-roll processes, web-forming processes, and conveyor handling of parts and materials, covers a wide range of applications and dryer styles:

  • Flotation
  • Roll Support
  • Festoon
  • Catenary
  • Belt/Conveyor Supported
  • Through-Air
  • Inert
  • Clean Room
  • Horizontal, Vertical & Arched

Dürr MEGTEC dryers are engineered to incorporate easy threading and maintenance access. Separate web drying and air handling modules open the basic design to virtually unlimited configurations with regard to web width, zone configurations, and machine layout. We can supply a standard dryer configuration or provide a customized solution for more difficult process conditions. Designs can include different heat sources, zone lengths, substrate widths, and nozzle configurations.