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Environmental solutions for the web handling sector - Manufacturing, Other

Dürr MEGTEC automatic match-speed splicers help manufacturers increase productivity and reduce waste. Dürr MEGTEC delivers a full system from the wrapped roll converted to a web at the right tension and lateral position, along with high splice success rates, fewer web breaks, simple splice preparation, and low maintenance.

AR Match-Speed Splicer Manufactured in India

The Dürr MEGTEC AR35-I is a compact flying splicer that is the ideal choice for printers who need maximum performance but only have a minimum amount of space. The automatic splicer is built in India specifically for the Indian printing market:

  • Ideal for printers with limited space
  • Capacity to handle reels up to 1,070 mm (42') in diameter
  • Designed for right angle installation, basement or inline to press
  • More than 1,000 AR models installed globally

Design Features and Performance Advantages

  • Functional design features an optimized 'loading window.' Even with web speeds of 400 m/min (1,300 ft/min), there is more than enough time to remove the old reel and load the new
  • Ergonomically simple because the new reel is loaded at floor level for safety
  • Lightweight, expandable reel shaft simplifies reel loading
  • Easy reel preparation, double-sided tape and splice indicator are applied and reel is ready
  • Easy-to-use push buttons, full-size touch-screen display and signal lamps
  • Easy installation because it is compatible with most new and existing printing presses
  • Easy to retrofit due to compactness and no mechanical attachment to press
  • Acceleration of new reel occurs through acceleration roller; synched with unwinding web, very precise
  • Splicing sequence regulated by PLC
  • Reel is locked into reel arm with bearing caps that are connected to control and safety systems

Air Turns

Non-contact air turns allow the turning of flexible webs without damaging the coating or the web material. Our design consists of a pressurized radial air chamber with engineered perforations matched to the desired web path, with turn angles up to 300 degrees. An optional automatic control system compensates for web tension changes. The patented design is engineered to reduce pressure requirements and air spillage, resulting in energy savings and lower noise levels. The air can be heated to provide additional drying or curing.