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Envirotac line of polymers are commonly used on construction sites to control dust and reduce water. When an area has been mass graded contractors will use Envirotac to treat the disturbed areas as opposed to constantly watering them. One application of an Envirotac will last years and cost nearly one penny per square foot.


Dust Control

Controlling dust on-site is extremely important. The health effects attributed to fugitive dust is well known, so are the fines if a site is not in compliance. Envirotac is easily applied over the surface. It extends down into the soils and bonds the soil particles in place. One application will control PM10 and PM2.5 for months to years depending on the application.


Sediment Control

Sediment on-site needs to stay on-site. Many times when it rains the sediment can leach and leave site via drains and gutters. A light application of Envirotac will keep the area in place and protect it from rain and wind. It works better than hydro-mulch and is more cost effective and easier to apply.