Environmental Products & Applications, Inc. - Manufacturer of Envirotac line of polymers

Erosion and dust control products for erosion control - Soil and Groundwater - Geotechnical

Our Envirotac line of erosion control polymers works great to protect slopes and embankments from Erosion. Envirotac being an acrylic polymer will penetrate the earth soil and upon curing will bond the soil particles together. This will "laminate" the area reducing water and wind penetration keeping soil sediment in place. Unlike mulch applications, it will not sheet off but will stay adhered to the soil. Also it will not harm vegetation and in many instances will increase germination rates.

Envirotac was designed to withstand jet blast many hundreds of miles per hour to eliminate FOD (Foreign Object Damage).  So you can apply with confidence that an area treated with Envirotac will withstand heavy winds and prevent wind based Erosion.

Envirotac will reduce the permeability of the treated soils preventing water from over saturating the soil particles preventing water based erosion.

Envirotac promotes germination in seed.  Even though Envirotac prevents over saturation of soils due to rain events it still keeps moisture in.  It replicates a terrarium to a degree by keeping moisture in the soils longer. Also by keeping soil in place this prevents seed displacement. Studies have shown two to five day earlier germination rates along with 20% higher germination rate of grasses.

Sediment Control Products
Envirotac keeps sediment in place and helps prevent it from going into storm water drains.  In a recent Turbidity test we greatly reduced the NTU's (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) from the untreated baseline.

Environmentally Friendly
Our Envirotac line of erosion control polymers are manufactured with the Environment in mind.  They are safe to treat soils with and will not harm humans or wildlife.