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`Water should never be treated as a nonrenewable resource; it should always be treated with the respect it deserves as the foundation of life on the planet.` Most water on earth is in a continuous cycle between water bodies, land and the atmosphere. An important component of smart water solutions is the cycling of water treatment solutions using processes by which water enters, moves through and exits soil are essential for sustaining plants and soil organisms, transporting nutrients and recharging surface and ground water supplies. Water moving in soil also impacts the behavior and transport of soil solutes and their effect on water quality.

 'The need for pure water is a problem of global proportions. With each passing year, the quality of the planet's water measurably deteriorates, presenting challenges for the major users. Water treatment has become an area of global concern as individuals, communities, industries, countries and their national institutions strive for ways to keep this essential resource available and suitable for use. During the past three decades, desalination systems have emerged as effective solutions for transforming saline, brackish and contaminated water into useable and/or potable products. In addition' continue reading:

Peak water is the point at which the renewable supply of fresh water is outstripped by the demand and sustainably managed water is becoming scarce. The specter of 'peak water' -- a peaking and then decline in water production -- has long been predicted and debated.
Full–blown flooding along principal waterways, increased debris, sediment buildup, erosion and changes in the water channel – these are some of the challenges facing the water quality status of urban streams and estuaries (i.e. those affected by runoff and discharges from rivers and floodplains.)