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Wind erosion is a dominant geomorphological process in arid landscapes. Its effects contribute to the loss of soil resources and the emission of mineral dust, with major impacts on regional climate, biogeochemical cycles and human health.  As an aside, ’desertification’ may sound like a course to end a sumptuous meal. But with just one ’s’, it refers to fertile land becoming dry desert. Many factors contribute to the problem, such as soil erosion, climate change and groundwater mismanagement.

 Demographic pressures, without substantial changes in traditional agricultural practices, have resulted in widespread erosion of the soil's fertility. The growth of extensive rainfed farming in order to feed the growing population has brought marginal land, traditionally used for pastures, into cultivation. Fallow time has been reduced, or sometimes eliminated. The reduction of vegetal cover has left the land exposed to wind and water erosion, as fields have been cleared of trees, shrubs and grasses for cultivation, wood for fuel and construction and fodder.