Evaporation technology for mechanical & surface treatment industry - Aerospace & Air Transport

Market segments such as automotive, aviation, furniture, appliance involve: mechanical treatments and surface treatments that require large quantity of water and produce highly pollutant wastewater that cannot be discharged directly and contribute to increase company’s running costs.


Water requirements involve the whole manufacturing cycle, but the most important problem concerns the wastewater management:

  • Optimizing the management of the whole water cycle
  • Reducing the costs
  • Protecting the environment

EVALED evaporators are a technological solution for:

  • Reduction of the volumes to be disposed
  • Water recycling
  • Recovery of valuable material (oil and metals)
  • Recycling of concentrate with the production process (for chrome and nickel plating)
  • ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)
  • TZD (no waste residue to be disposed, neither solid nor liquid)