Evidence for claims of sustainability / responsible stewardship - Energy - Bioenergy

In many land intensive sectors, strict national, regional and global standards and regulations exist guiding how products must be produced. As pressures on land, biodiversity and communities in developing countries become stronger, ever tighter regulations will result. OE can be used to demonstrate compliance with any type of environmental regulation, for example in the areas of biofuels, timber, palm oil, forest protection, and water usage.

Our Ecosystem (OE) is a platform for deploying apps that give access to interactive spatial data from satellites and other sources. Many organisations across a huge range of sectors are already using Our Ecosystem to remotely monitor and manage risks, build knowledge and identify business opportunities globally.

Its user interface can be used as a communication tool, to demonstrate compliance with environmental standards or regulations, or simply allow donors and other stakeholders to visualize project impacts.

OE also allows you to generate full reports based on your results, so you can use it to account for your impacts on ecosystem services and biodiversity, and comply with forthcoming natural capital disclosure standards.

Best of all, you don’t need geographic information systems (GIS) or remote sensing software skills to operate Our Ecosystem. Ecometrica’s team of land use specialists and developers provide a managed service that gives decision-makers everything they need in an easy to use interface.