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Our Impacts is the web-based energy, travel, waste, water and carbon accounting platform you’re looking for. Trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide and created by the most experienced environmental analysts and software developers you can find. Its white-labeled version allows professionals to service and manage their clients directly through the platform.

Our Impacts is a web-based greenhouse gas accounting and reporting tool that provides a unique combination of automation and expertise. Designed as a robust, consistent and durable platform, it can support corporate strategic decision making in terms of GHG emissions and sustainability.

It is accredited by the CDP and used by hundreds of companies worldwide.

Our Impacts is developed by Ecometrica, a professional team of GHG specialists, in order to improve the efficiency of its emission evaluation procedures, all while respecting the principles of precision, transparency and accuracy which guide Ecometrica’s work.

The tool incorporates best practices principles relating to GHG assessments and aims to make every step towards the successful completion of a GHG evaluation simpler and more effective, from data collection to results calculation, from quality assurance to verification by third parties and emissions reporting.

Our Impacts enables the automatic and simultaneous generation of multiple reports which respect the methodologies prescribed by various protocols and standards for calculating and reporting GHG

This flexible and highly customisable platform can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any organisation.