Fabrication solutions for the oil & gas industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries

BRÜCK have been an essential partner to the Oil and Gas industry for decades and through organic growth and development has the experience and defined processes to delivery turnkey manufacturing solutions for components and assemblies to the Oil and Gas industry.

BRÜCK‘s development and achievements in forging and vertical integrated manufacturing has closely followed the demands, development and direction of the Oil and Gas industry. For instance:-

  • 1973 - Achieved API approval for manufacture of ring joint flanges.
  • 1996 - Qualification to NORSOK M-650 in 1996.
  • 1998 - Installation of CNC controlled machining centres, matching the demand for multi-task machining with increased precision.
  • 2006 - On-site welding capability established at BRÜCK.
  • 2009 - Installation of our 8000 ton press, increasing the forged products range.
  • 2015 - To give further capacity for dynamic hydrostatic testing, commissioning of our 2nd rotational test booth.

Today and into the future, through research and development and the corresponding capital expenditure, BRÜCK will further it’s pronounced material, forging and heat treatment knowledge and accomplishments, in preparation for the challenges of the next decades. BRÜCK has already supplied the following items either as rough forgings, finished machined, or as Turnkey including welding, assembly, coating and static, or dynamic pressure testing :

  • BOPs Pistons and Heads
  • H4 Mandrels, Wellhead Upper and Lower Connector parts
  • Pulling heads, Bulkheads, J-Lay Collars, Hang off collar, Anchor Flanges
  • WN, LWN, Blind, Swivel Flanges and Spool Bodies
  • Swivel cores, Outer and Inner Housing
  • Male and Female Hubs
  • Pin and Box Riser Flanges
  • Swivel Stacks
  • Ultrasonic flow meter bodies.