Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Facilities management in line air flow meter solutions - Air and Climate

Sierra’s offers a complete line of precision flow solutions for any gas, liquid or steam measurement to improve energy efficiency in all facilities management applications. Our mass vortex meters are used to allocate steam, our in line thermal mass flow meters track and allocate natural gas and compressed air usage, and our clamp-on and insertion ultrasonic meters provide accurate water and water-based fluid measurement.

Sierra’s inline air flow meters deliver precise flow measurement calibrated for the most demanding facilities management applications. You’ll find a full line of in line thermal flow meters for precision CFM (cubic feet per minute) measurement of gas mass flow rate with:

  • Wide turndown ratio; low pressure drop
  • No moving parts
  • Dual-plate flow conditioning element
  • Direct gas mass flow rate measurement

We also offer a line of inline multivariable mass vortex meters perfect for measuring the mass flow rate of any gas or liquid, and also ideally suited for saturated or superheated steam. Multivariable technology allows one instrument and one process connection to measure FIVE process parameters at the same time to simultaneously measure mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate, and fluid density. Our ultrasonic flow meters provide accurate and repeatable ultrasonic flow measurement for a wide variety of liquid and pipe sizes.