Fat Digestion & Odour Control

Catering Establishments / Commercial & Institutional Kitchens, Sanitary Systems, Refuse Containers, Carpets, Toilets and Urinals and Treatment Plants.

Catering Establishments / Commercial & Institutional Kitchens

  • Digestion of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) in fat traps and drain lines
  • Reduced requirement to pump out fat traps
  • Reduction in drain line blockages
  • Elimination of smells due to organic fouling/septicity in drain lines
  • Replacement of Caustic Soda and other harsh chemicals

Sanitary Systems, Refuse Containers, Carpets

  • Control of odours in hand basins, baths and showers
  • Control of odours from wheelie bins and other types of refuse containers
  • Elimination of odours from organic waste on carpets including dog and cat wastes

Toilets and Urinals

  • Elimination of urinal smells
  • Prevention of blockages in urinal drain pipes
  • Bio-Cleaning of toilet and urinal floors

Treatment Plants

  • High levels of BOD, COD, SS
  • Fat accumulation on filters or biodiscs
  • Fat build up in the primary tank
  • Fat accumulations in pumping wells
  • High ammonia levels