Fence-Line Monitoring of Fugitive Emissions

The Opsis open path monitoring system is an excellent tool for monitoring air quality, fugitive emissions and gas leaks at industrial sites. By arranging monitoring paths strategically at locations outside the borderline of an industrial area, fugitive emissions and gas leaks will effectively be detected. By combining the measured gas data with meteorological parameters information such as where the pollution sources are located and the strength of the emissions can be calculated, using the EnviMan software.

Gaseous Compounds

The Opsis system can monitor a majority of the gas pollutants that would be of interest for an industrial fence line application. Gaseous compounds such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone can be monitored together with specific aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene, and xylenes, and smelling compounds such as ammonia, styrene and phenol.

Why Opsis?

  • Path measurements cover more area and provide more information than traditional point monitoring systems
  • Multiple gas capability is especially useful at industrial applications where a complex mixture of gas pollutants is expected
  • The lack of a sampling system provides fast detection and requires a minimum of maintenance
  • With multiple gas monitoring capability, and fast response time, the Opsis open-path system is also a powerful tool for gas leak detection, providing alarms at given limit levels
  • Complete solutions for compliance with environmental regulations and the environmental management system ISO 14000
  • International approvals

Total Air Quality Management Solution for Industries

The Opsis Enviman software for air quality management at industrial plants provides

  • Automatic data acquisition, validation and reporting
  • Advanced alarm handling and import/export of data to other clients or units within an industrial site or company
  • Tools for emission data bases and dispersion modelling using a GIS interface

The software meets the EC regulation for reporting.