Fibalon professional hotbox - Filtering of heating water in closed pipe systems - Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping

FIBALON® tool has a highly durable special fiber. For the treatment of cooling lubricants, drilling fluids and abrasives, FIBALON® tool represents an innovative alternative compared to conventional systems such as cen-trifuges or belt filter systems. Heating water is water, which is located in a closed system. This flows through the boiler, where it is heated and finally reaches by means of pumps or gravity the radiator. The cooled heating water flows back to the boiler and the cycle begins again.

The removal of the rust-water-chalk-mixture and the heating sludge can take place in closed systems in the bypass and with low installation costs. FIBALON® professionel in a specially designed filter vessel with reverse direction of filtration makes this possible.

The entry of oxygen and dirt as well as limescale into the heating system causes oxidation on the in-ner walls of the heaters and pipes. The result is black heating sludge or “black water”, which settles in the pipes. Malfunctions and a reduced heat output are the negative results.

The innovative filtration system FIBALON® professio-nal hotbox enables the heating water filtration in a closed system without installation effort.
The polymer fiber filter FIBALON® tool, developed especially for the filtration of heating sludge, works similar to all innovative FIBALON® products and systems. The innovative FIBALON® solution removes heating sludge in a reverse filtration circuit. Metallic and non-metallic particles up to a size of 10 µm are filtered out. New filter material can easily be refilled. The FIBALON® professional hotbox also guarantees a continuously high and efficient heat output in old heating systems.

  • Continuous removal of black water and slurry
  • Easiest handling
  • Turbidity less than 0.5 FNU (water quality of a swimming pool)
  • No additional electrical installations necessary
  • Improved efficiency of heating systems and heating devices
  • Maintenance free
  • Applicable until 6 bar / 87 psi
  • Filtration ahead sensitive heating elements
  • Integrable in the return of heating systems
  • Removal of magnetic and nonmagnetic particles
  • Reduction of failure probability of the heating system
  • Applicable during heating operation
  • Continuous removal of particles up to 0.001 mm
  • Add-on-kit also for established and old heating systems
  • Applicable until 95°C / 203 °F / 368 K
  • Special and outstanding particle-dependent fiber geometry
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance