Enduro Composites

Fiber reinforced polymer solutions for mass transit industry - Manufacturing, Other

Enduro provides several products for the mass transit market including third rail cover board.

Enduro Third Rail Coverboards are custom designed to provide safety by shielding or insulating personnel from a rail that is 'live' or may contain stray current. Our fiberglass light rail covers are made of high-performance, high-strength, easy-to-install composites and exceed the most stringent ASTM testing requirements. For custom engineered solutions, contact an Enduro representative for assistance with material selection and specification.

  • Exceeds transportation safety tests
  • Provides low smoke development
  • Provides low toxicity characteristics

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Weight savings
  • Non-conductive

  • Domestic and international
  • Bart and LA systems
  • Vancouver Skytrain and Kuala Lumpur