Zhongyi GRP Industrial

Zhongyi GRP Industrial

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Equipment for Desalination Industry - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

The seawater reverse osmosis(SWRO) process is very commonly used for desalination industry,  SWRO plants around the world use miles and miles of corrosion resistant FRP low pressure  piping as a distribution network to carry seawater from the sea to the plant, to distribute  the potable water that is produced, to carry the brine back to the sea and for internal plant treatment piping.

FRP materials can be tailored to meet specific mechanical property requirements and  have the additional advantages of corrosion resistance, flexibility and capacity to withstand mild shock.

FRP also used to construct storage tanks and piping used in desalination plants for  sodium hypochlorite, often used in chlorination of desalination process water, and  for sulfuric acid, which can be very difficult to store in metal, but can readily be  handled in fiberglass vinylester tanks and piping at ambient temperatures and concentrations below 50%.

Zhongyi has produced many filament winding pipes and cone tanks for the desalination industry.