Zhongyi GRP Industrial

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Equipment for Pulp & Paper Industry - Pulp & Paper

FRP material has been widely accepted for its application in the Pulp and Paper industry due to its durability, corrosion resistance, high structural strength and low maintenance cost.

Zhongyi is experienced in designing,  manufacturing and fabrication of FRP equipment for Pulp & Paper industry include:

  • Piping: Pulp washing, pulp stock lines, vent lines, chemical process piping, effluent pipe
  • Tanks: Chemical storage and mixing, filtrate
  • Cover and hoods: Decker, bleach washer, brown stock washer
  • Mist eliminaters
  • Scrubbers, absorbers
  • Catch basins
  • Retention towers and stacks
  • Ducting

FRP material is corrosion resistant to the following chemicals which could be found in pulp & paper mill:

  • u Chlorine dioxide, Sulfuric acid, Sodium sulfate, sodium hydroxide
  • u Bleach washer vasts, Bleached pulp, Lime, Bleach plant effluent
  • u Pulp bleaching retention, caustic lime, Methanol, Black liquor removal