Filter presses for mining, metallurgical, chemical & pharmaceutical sector

Mining sector is: beneficiation of metals (iron, nickel, copper, zinc), beneficiation of non-metals beneficiation of noble metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium), coal processing, calcium carbonate and minerals in general (silicates, clays, kaolins, etc..)

Metallurgical sector is: hydrometallurgy, metals refining (vanadium chromium manganese), noble and rare metals refining (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) and steel plant and foundry (fumes treatment)

Chemical and pharmaceutical sectors is: fine chemistry, basic chemistry, fertilizers, synthetic fibres, special and technical gas, pigments and dyes, plastic materials and synthetic resins, varnish, ink, adhesives, perfumes, cosmetics, soaps fats, oils, petrochemical, cements, hydraulic binders, treatment of surfaces, lead recovery from batteries, vaccines, antibiotics, blood derivates and pectins

Quarries sector is: aggregates for construction (sands, gravel) and aggregates from marble and granite processing.

Municipality sector is: drinking water plants, waste water treatment, incinerating plants and treatment percolates of Urban Solid Wastes

Alimentary sector is: agricultural and food, dairy-industry, distillation, slaughter-house, sugar industry, growing industry, oil-mill, brewery.

How does a filter press works?

A filter press is a liquid-solid separation device used to reduce the volume and weight of a slurry waste or process stream by separating liquid filtrate and solid filter cake. This process is often referred to as dewatering.

The operation of a filter press is therefore a batch process. Depending on the particular application, the filter press may be used to recover either the solid particulate, the liquid stream, or both.

The filter press accomplishes dewatering within a series of chambers into which process slurry is pumped , the filling must be rapid but at low pressure

Filtered liquid (filtrate) passes through filter cloths and exits the press leaving behind filtered solids (filter cake) to produce this cake the pump have to push up to 15 bars.
The filter press is then opened and the filter cake is discharged by gravity as each plate is