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Filtration plants for solid-liquid separation and dewatering of treated effluents for chemical/pharmaceutical industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

Bilfinger Water Technologies produces and installs filtration plants in chemical – pharmaceutical fields since the early 1970s. The filtration systems developed by Bilfinger Water Technologies during this 30 year-experience are particularly appreciated in solid liquid separation processes and dewatering of treating effluents. These separation processes play a very important role in the chemical pharmaceutical field, being essential elements of many production processes.

Filtration plants by Bilfinger Water Technologies complete with filter presses are designed for dewatering of treated effluents and solid-liquid separation in the following chemical-pharmaceutical processes:

  1. antibiotics (filtration of yeasts and fermentation broths)
  2. vaccines (separation of active principles from mother waters)
  3. preparation of intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry (gel – pectins - alginates)
  4. pigments (intermediate separations – final dehydration)
  5. technical gas (filtration of synthesis residuals)
  6. alkali (carbonates and sulphates)
  7. bleachings (carbonates and calcium sulphates)
  8. polyoils (purification)
  9. hydrofluoric acid (dewatering of treated effluent )
  10. sulphuric acid (dewatering of treated effluents)
  11. hydrochloric acid (dewatering of treated effluents)
  12. silicates (purification)
  13. sulphides (purification)
  14. fluorides (purification)
  15. aluminium polychloride (purification)
  16. synthetic fibres (wastes purification)
  17. lead recovery from batteries
  18. stearates
  19. colouring
  20. sodium chloride (purification)
  21. adsorbent substances (bentonites - carbons)
  22. plastic materials (wastes purification)
  23. catalysers (metals separation from mother waters)
  24. cleansings (dewatering of treated effluents)