Novoflow GmbH

Filtration solutions for chemical industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Fine Chemicals

Rotating NDCF (= novoflow Dynamic Cross-Flow)- filter systems are particularly characterised by an outstandingly low energy consumption of approx. 0.12- 0.25 KW/1 m² filter area. We also offer facilities at different sizes for rent to test your product. Plant sizes available between 1 m² and 500 m² filter area.

  • High concentrations
  • High solids load
  • Viscous media
  • Continuous concentration increase of valuable and effective substances
  • Chemical resilience of the diaphragms
  • Ex-protection
  • Surfaces < 0.8 m
  • Orbital welded pipes
  • Diafiltration (wash-out filtration)

  • A rotating diaphragm disc stack, installed on a hollow shaft, is located in the filter pressure tank (module).
  • Filtration takes place from outside inwards through the diaphragm discs; the filtration collects inside the diaphragm discs and is discharged through the hollow shaft.
  • In the filter pressure tank, fixed flow impairers can be installed to produce turbulences.
  • Modular build: Easy to enlarge or reduce
  • Automatic backflushing possible
  • CIP-SIP capable

  • Energy savings of up to 80 % as compared to conventional cross-flow modules
  • Compact flexible modular build. Simple enlargement or reduction of the plant
  • Double cover layer inspection by combination of centrifugal force (rotation) with shear forces (turbulences by flow impairment)
  • High speeds up to more than 500 rpm at disc diameters of 150 – 375 mm
  • Small standing area
  • Diaphragms can be inspected separately
  • State-of-the-art controls
  • Remote maintenance possible

  • Separation of particles, colloids, macro molecules from contaminated waters. Stable against acids and alkalines.