Filtration solutions for on-site treatment industry - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Filter beds with pre-filter are simple, efficient and environmentally friendly ways of treating domestic wastewater from detached houses and holiday homes. The requirements related to operation and maintenance are few in relation to traditional compact plants. These systems can also be adapted to suit clusters of houses, schools, kindergartens, small companies etc.

Filtralite P is a fine grained filter material, with a large surface area and a high capacity for phosphorus removal. maxit AS has developed this special product using clays and natural additives. The phosphorus is removed by both precipitation at high pH and physico-chemical attraction and bindings. Phosphorus is settled and captured in the filter. In general high P-removal is not obtained in natural treatment systems like constructed wetlands and sandfilters with ordinary sand and gravel as filtermedia. However, by choosing a filtermedia that is manufactured to have large P-sorption capacity like Filtralite P, high phosphorus removal can be obtained.

Filter bed systems may also be built using for instance Filtralite NR 2-4 in the filter bed. The capacity for phosphorus removal will be lower than when Filtralite P is used, but the ammonium removal capacity will in most cases be higher. This can serve as an alternative solution in less sensitive areas.

The material has been developed for use in environmental based systems such as constructed wetlands, sand filters and other low loaded or low maintenance systems. When the removal capacity is exhausted the filter material has to be replaced and can be used as a fertiliser or soil conditioner. Expanded clay materials are recommended as a horticulture improver and the addition of phosphorus makes it even more valuable. The result is an ecological circulation of a limited resource, which otherwise would be considered as pollutant.