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Filtration technology for Industrial wastewater treatment - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

AQQA is used in industrial wastewater treatment to: separate the sludge from the clear water in membrane bio reactors. constitute the final filtration of the effluent of standard sewage treatment plants (tertiary treatment). keep specialized bacteria in the system, that can biologically degrade organic matter. enable Zero Liquid Discharge: prefiltration for reverse osmosis systems.

AQQA is typically used in these industries:

  • food producing industry (e.g. beverage, brewery, fish producing industry): reduce BOD and COD with membrane bio reactors, improve the effluent quality, reuse of water
  • pulp and paper industry: close loops in the production cycle
  • all industries using standard media filters: recycle backwash waste water
  • automotive industry: close loops in the production cycle, e.g. spray testing the body for tightness against rainwater
  • animal rendering: remove bacteria, virus and proteins from the waste water

How Can You Benefit From Using Aqqa In Industrial Applications?

  • the unique backflush capability of AQQA in conjunction with the robust design and the big gap between the plates can cope with most challenging waters
  • industrial applications can often not be changed to make them 100% compatible with membrane processes. Then it is necessary to apply cleaning strategies for the membranes, that guarantee a sustainable flux. AQQAplate is made to be backflushed with chemicals in situ. The Cleaning in the AirTechnology enables fully automated membrane cleaning
  • The AQQA box system can easily be integrated into tanks. The high packing density ensures small foot prints