Neron Pumps

Fire fighting vehicles, rescue services trucks & civil protection vehicles for high pressure washing & intensifiers applications - Health and Safety - Fire Safety

To avoid explosion or fire, electricity or gas driven engine power packs cannot be used, if inflammable fluid has flown out at a place of accident.

Besides, low pressure fire fighting involves large volumes of water flowing off unused in many cases. By using the Neròn pump, connected to the main hydraulic system of the vehicle, the problem is solved with the high pressure that becomes essential to:

  • Fight the fires without using chemical solutions and non inflammable fluids
  • Extinguish smoulders between walls, in bushes or within heaps of powder, chemicals or other material which cannot be easily penetrated by normal water jetting
  • Extinguish small fires as of car engines or other complicated space since they are difficult to extinguish without severely spoiling or destroying the involved parts.
  • Remove oil and chemicals from the surface pores of streets after accidents to avoid future accidents caused by slippery surfaces
  • Refill quickly water tanks of vehicles to ensure best availability