Flaring Solutions for the Biogas Industry - Siloxane Destruction - Energy - Bioenergy

Biogases are emitted into the atmosphere through a variety of products. Often, these biogases contain siloxanes, non-toxic compounds that are frequently added to consumer products, such as detergents, shampoos, deodorants (to improve texture and feel), cosmetics, paper coatings and many textiles. While some siloxanes quickly volatilize into the atmosphere, others remain present and can be found in the biogas emitted from wastewater treatment facilities and anaerobic digesters.

Siloxanes end up in wastewater when consumers wash their hair, rinse off their makeup, or otherwise wash products containing siloxanes down the drain. As siloxanes build up in wastewater treatment facilities, they can damage expensive equipment.

Use of an ABUTEC Siloxane Flare can benefit a company in a variety of ways, including eliminating damage to costly infrastructure, and saving money through a beneficial waste-to-energy project by burning siloxanes and feeding the byproduct back into the power grid.


Save Infrastructure

Because siloxanes can damage expensive equipment, including combustion engines and turbines, use of an ABUTEC siloxane flare can burn off these compounds, saving your infrastructure and avoiding costly repairs and replacements.


Stay Compliant

Siloxanes form silica and silicate deposits, which are difficult to remove from equipment. This can lead to the abrasion of engine parts and often result in changes to the combustion chamber. In some cases, this induces higher emissions of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, possibly violating air emissions regulations.


Be Proactive

Addition of siloxanes to consumer products (such as detergents, shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics and paper coatings) is expected to increase as consumption and demand increases. Stay on top of managing your infrastructure by proactively installing an ABUTEC siloxane flare.

Regulation Compliant
Use of an ABUTEC siloxane flare can help your site maintain compliance with state and federal regulations.

Compact Solution
When space is at a premium, Siloxane Flares from ABUTEC are a compact solution. Designed for unique biogas needs in sizes ranging from 10 scfm up to 6000 scfm, our HTFs fit your unique space requirements.

Green Technology
ABUTEC understands that many wastewater treatment facilities require environmentally friendly products for emergency or shutdown conditions. That’s why our Siloxane Flares create a “green” solution for your biogas needs.

Standardized Design
ABUTEC’s Siloxane Flares have a standardized unit that is field proven to provide low emissions, and able to run on raw biogas. Our Siloxane Flares have a track record of success.

Field Proven
Flares used in the industries that work with biogas, including High Temperature Flares and Siloxane Flares, have been proven in the field time and again.

Unparalleled Service
ABUTEC flare experts offer our clients a vast array of knowledge about flares and industry regulations. Count on us to provide you with the most up-to-date information about compliance issues.