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ABUTEC’s goal in the petrochemical and refinery industry is to save you money. ABUTEC’s vapor combustor and enclosed flare line offers flexible and resilient burner technology to handle heavy hydrocarbon gases down to low quality or inert gases. We will save you money on capital costs and we will offer you a very fast payback (as low as 2 months) based on reducing the amount of make-up fuel and pilot gas required. This revolutionary technology is designed for you!


Quad O Compliant
ABUTEC products exceed federal ¬40 CFR Part 60, Subpart OOOO – also known as Quad O – standards, which quantifies the maximum amount of pollutants that oil and gas companies can emit. Companies in the oil and gas industry are expected to be in compliance with Quad O standards by October 15, 2013.


Low Emissions
ABUTEC sets the industry standard for providing products that exceed EPA emissions regulations. All ABUTEC products are designed to operate at high efficiency and produce low emissions. Our high temperature flares (HTF) operate at a minimum 99% destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) rate, meaning that less than 1% of harmful pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere.


Each ABUTEC high temperature flare is fully customizable to fit each customer’s specifications. Our flares are flexible, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved and completely enclosed. ABUTEC’s high temperature flares are more competitively priced than traditional enclosed flares, so they save you money while meeting all state and federal regulations.

ABUTEC’s high temperature flare (HTF) is completely enclosed, offering a 99.99% DRE rate and only requires 180 btu/ft3 of gas to maintain combustion. This flare encompasses a fully integrated system, including all auxiliary components, and leaves a very small carbon footprint.

Completely Enclosed Combustion
ABUTEC’s high temperature flares come completely enclosed, providing a safe atmosphere for employees as well as the environment.

Low Nox And Co Emissions
ABUTEC’s flares set the standard in nitric oxide and carbon monoxide emission reduction, surpassing even the EPA’s standards.

> 99.99% DRE
ABUTEC’s high temperature flares have a destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) rate of greater than 99.99%, meaning their emissions are among the lowest in the world.

Lowest Fuel Consumption
ABUTEC’s high temperature flares offer the lowest make-up fuel consumption available.

Burns Low Calorific Gas
ABUTEC’s flares are capable of burning even gases with extremely low calorific gas values.

Needs Just 180 Btu/Ft3 Gas To Stay Lit
Compared to flares of similar size and price, ABUTEC’s high temperature flares require just 180 btu/ft3 gas to maintain combustion.