Flaring Solutions for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry - Oil & Gas Produced Water - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Because of the huge increase in U.S. natural gas production, there is elevated concern over the production of water that occurs in natural gas and oil fields. These concerns have led to additional state and federal regulations for low emission combustion technology and how companies will deal with produced water. ABUTEC’s high temperature enclosed combustors meet state and federal regulations for burning waste gas at a minimum of 99% destruction and removal efficiency (DRE), meaning almost 100 percent of the vapor to be destroyed is converted to CO2 and water. These combustors are of high quality, flexibility, low emissions, CSA-approved and able to burn very low calorific gas. Additionally, when combined with a heat exchanger, the unit can evaporate the excess produced water eliminating the need for expensive trucking or disposal.


Quad O Compliant
In accordance with EPA regulations, all combustion control devices must reduce site emissions to less than six tons yearly with a 95% destruction device. ABUTEC’s enclosed combustors, including the ABUTEC 20, ABUTEC 100 and High Temperature Flare (HTF), are compliance ready and exceed all Quad O standards with greater than 99% destruction and removal efficiency (DRE).


Low Emissions
Operation sites are now required to combust tank gas and can no longer vent these gasses into the atmosphere. ABUTEC offers a solution to this requirement with tank batteries and storage tanks that allow companies to work in a safer, cleaner and more economical environment. What is emitted from an ABUTEC combustor is 21 times cleaner than unburned methane, is smokeless, odorless, and produces no light pollution or radiant heat.


No flow is too small and no site is too rural for ABUTEC’s MTF Mini Tank Battery Flare. The MTF Mini has a small carbon footprint, is easy to install and works in the toughest conditions. Tank battery flares have a flexible and scalable system that can be engineered to fit your specific needs. Existing sites can be easily retrofitted with enclosed combustors to meet strict federal and state regulations.

Flaring of vapors from oil and gas storage vessels diminishes waste gas emissions, allowing upstream players to become compliant. Because ABUTEC combustors are enclosed, ignition of the flare is protected and designed to prevent the venting of gasses due to environmental or performance factors. These enclosed combustors are engineered to burn gasses with high efficiency and very low emissions. ABUTEC enclosed combustors are the only products of their kind available to the current market that are compliant ready.

Compliance Ready
ABUTEC’s High Temperature Flare is an enclosed combustor with low NOx and CO emissions, greater than 99.99% DE, full 10:1 turndown without gas booster, offers the lowest make-up fuel consumption and is able to burn very low calorific gas. It is a low-cost but still compliant alternative to traditional combustors.

The Whole Package
ABUTEC’s enclosed technology offers a completely enclosed frame, temperature monitoring and control, data logging of key parameters (such as temperature, pressure and run time) and full automatic operation.

Cost Competitive
ABUTEC’s High Temperature Flare is a low cost alternative to traditional combustors, but it is still compliant with all EPA regulations.